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[2016 - now]    California Institute of Technology 
​                         1st year Ph.D. student, Behavioral and Social Neuroscience

​​​​[2014-2016]     Columbia University
M.S. in Psychology

[2010-2014]     University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
                         B.Eng​. in Biomedical Engineering & Electronic Information


​​Programming with Matlab, R and Python

Typesetting with LaTeX​​

Communicating with English, mandarin Chinese and 

Analyzing human brain with various software packages ​​

​​Research & Projects

(See further details on the R & P page)

Neural Mechanism for Human Flight Behavior under Threat​​
with Prof. Dean Mobbs
Fear, Anxiety and Biosocial Behavioral Lab​​

Oxytocin's Effect on Socially Reinforced Learning
with Prof. Keith M. Kendrick, funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China
Social Cognitive and Affective ​Neuroscience Lab, UESTC

Modelling collective Electrotaxis of Epithelial Cells
with Prof. Francis Lin, funded by ​​​NSERC
Immunotrafficking Lab, University of Manitoba​

Fear Conditioning and Extinction influenced by ​Propanolol
​​with Benjamin Becker, Ph.D, funded by MIWFT
Neuromodulation of Emotion Group, University of Bonn​

Bilingual Lexical Access under Long-term Repetition Priming
with Prof. Jie-hui Hu, funded by National Innovation Foundation for College Students​​​
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab, UESTC​

Conference Experience

​​[06/2014]  OHBM 2014 annual meeting
                  CCH-Congress Center in Hamburg, Germany

​​[11/2013]  2013 Annual Conference of Society for Social Neuroscience
                  ​Society for social neuroscience, Chengdu

[05/2013]  The 2nd Across-strait Symposium for Brain Function and Neuroimaging
                  Key Laboratory for Neuroinformation, UESTC, Chengdu

[08/2012]  Summer School on Introductory Neuroscience​
     ​             Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai


[09/2014]   Dean's Fellowship, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University 

[04/2013]    Honorable Mention, The 2013 ICM (Interdisciplinary Contest of Modeling ), COMAP​

[08/2012]   National Scholarship(Awarded to top 1% students), Ministry of Education of China