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[8/2016-07/2019]    Ph.D. (Social Decision Neuroscience): 
California Institute of Technology 
​                                Supervisors: Dean Mobbs

​​​​[9/2014-6/2016]       M.A. (Psychology): 
Columbia University
                        ​         Supervisors: Dean Mobbs and James Curley


[9/2010-6/2014]       B.S. (EE & BME): University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
                                 Supervisors: Keith Kendrick and Benjamin Becker

​​Research & Projects

(See further details on the R & P page)

​​How collaborator's reputation influence decision and anxiety under threat
with Prof. Dean Mobbs and Prof. Colin Camerer
​funded by ​NIMH
​Social, Affective and Ecological Neuroscience Lab​​, Caltech & Columbia University

Neural mechanism for human escape behavior under threat​​
with Prof. Dean Mobbs, Prof. Nathaniel Daw and Dr. Demis Hassabis
funded by National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression
Social, Affective and Ecological Neuroscience Lab​​, Caltech & Columbia University

Oxytocin's effect on socially reinforced learning
with Prof. Keith M. Kendrick, funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China
Social Cognitive and Affective ​Neuroscience Lab, UESTC

Modelling collective electrotaxis of epithelial cells
with Prof. Francis Lin, funded by ​​​NSERC
Immunotrafficking Lab, University of Manitoba​

Fear conditioning and extinction influenced by ​Propanolol
​​with Benjamin Becker, Ph.D, funded by MIWFT
Neuromodulation of Emotion Group, University of Bonn​

Bilingual lexical access under long-term repetition priming
with Prof. Jie-hui Hu, funded by National Innovation Foundation for College Students​​​
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab, UESTC​