Song Qi
漆  松
Postdoctoral scholar in Social Decision Neuroscience

California Institute of Technology
1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125

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Short Bio​​​
Currently, I'm a postdoctoral in the SDN (Social Decision Neuroscience) Division of Caltech , working with Prof. Dean Mobbs in his Social, Affective and Ecological Neuroscience Lab to explore neural mechanisms underlying fear, anxiety and decision making

I'm broadly interested in various cognitive processes and decision making in humans. ​​In particular, I study how decision making behaviors are optimized under threat/social influence with ecologically inspired paradigms, BOLD fMRI, and computational modeling. 

I received my Ph.D. in Social Decision Neuroscience at Caltech, M.A. psychology at Columbia University, and BSc EE & BME at UESTC. ​​

In my spare time, I enjoy Japanese literature and grand strategy games.  

What's New
[07/2019] Defended my Ph.D. thesis. 

​​[03/2018] Two papers on "decision making under threat/social influence" got accepted into PNAS and JN respectively. Our research was featured on Caltech News.  

​​[06/2017] Entered my 3rd year as a PhD student at Caltech. 

​[09/2016] Passed candidacy and received my M.A. at Columbia University. Moved to Caltech. 

​​[​02/2015] My paper on "Oxytocin's effects on social learning" got accepted into Human Brain Mapping.

​​[12/2014] 1st semester nearly ended. Gave my first-year talk to the entire department. 

​​[09/2014] "Officially" started at Columbia University. PhD Grind on.  

​​[03/2014] Accepted Columbia University's offer for graduate study in Cognitive Psychology. 

​[12/2013] I feel honored to be awarded as one of the Outstanding Students in my university, the highest honor for UESTC graduates. (10 out of around 4,500 undergraduates in 10’)

​[08/2013] I was featured by Mitacs Globalink internship program about my research on computational modeling of cell migration.

[07/2013] Went to University of Manitoba and started to serve as a visiting research assistant here!

[06/2013] Short-term visit to NEMO group @ University of Bonn, Germany.​

[03/2013] Our paper in 2013 Interdisciplinary Contest of Modelling was awarded Honorable Mention. 

last updated: 07/2019​​​

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