Song Qi
漆  松
4th year Ph.D. Student in Social Decision Neuroscience

California Institute of Technology
1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125

Blog: ​Zhihu_漆松

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Short Bio​​​
Currently, I'm a 4th year PhD student in the SDN (Social Decision Neuroscience) Division of Caltech , working with Prof. Dean Mobbs in his Social, Affective and Ecological Neuroscience Lab to explore neural mechanisms underlying fear, anxiety and decision making. I'm co-supervised by Prof. Dean MobbsProf. Ralph Adolphs and Prof. John O'Doherty

I'm broadly interested in cognitive processes and decision making in humans. ​​In particular, I study how decision making behaviors are optimized under threat/social influence with ecologically inspired paradigm, fMRI technique, and computational modelling

I received my M.A. Psychology at Columbia University, and my BSc EE & BME at UESTC. ​​

In my spare time, I enjoy Japanese literature and video games. I also write some pop science at Zhihu.   

What's New
[03/2018] Two papers on "decision making under threat/social influence" got accepted into PNAS and JN respectively. Our research was featured on Caltech News.  

​​[06/2017] Entered my 3rd year as a PhD student at Caltech. 

​[09/2016] Passed candidacy and received my M.A. at Columbia University. Moved to Caltech. 

​​[​02/2015] My paper on "Oxytocin's effects on social learning" got accepted into Human Brain Mapping.

​​[12/2014] 1st semester nearly ended. Gave my first-year talk to the entire department. 

​​[09/2014] "Officially" started at Columbia University. PhD Grind on.  

​​[03/2014] Accepted Columbia University's offer for graduate study in Cognitive Psychology. 

​[12/2013] I feel honored to be awarded as one of the Outstanding Students in my university, the highest honor for UESTC graduates. (10 out of around 4,500 undergraduates in 10’)

​[08/2013] I was featured by Mitacs Globalink internship program about my research on computational modeling of cell migration.

[07/2013] Went to University of Manitoba and started to serve as a visiting research assistant here!

[06/2013] Short-term visit to NEMO group @ University of Bonn, Germany.​

[03/2013] Our paper in 2013 Interdisciplinary Contest of Modelling was awarded Honorable Mention. 

last updated: 05/2018​​​

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