Song Qi
漆  松
3rd year Ph.D. Student
California Institute of Technology, Behavioral and Social Neuroscience  
1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125


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​Research Assistant
(advised by Prof. Dean Mobbs)​​​                                                
Social, Affective and Ecological Neuroscience Lab​ 
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

Research Interest
Social/Cognitive Neuroscience
​​I'm broadly interested in the realm of social/cognitive neuroscience, and in particular, fear and anxiety. I'm interested in human flight (aka escape) and panic behavior under threat, the distinction between fear and anxiety, and the interplay of negative emotions (e.g. fear induced anger/aggression). 

Short Bio​​​
While being an engineering major, neuroscience has been my long-time fascination. It's always intriguing to uncover the brain functional mechanisms accompanying various human behaviors. As a result, I've been actively taking lab work and courses outside my major to further my understanding in psychology and biology---which, together with my computational background, could lay foundation for my path to the field of neuroscience.   

Currently, I'm a first year PhD student in the BSN Division of Caltech to continue my graduate study in cognitive/social neuroscience, working with Prof. Dean Mobbs in his Social, Affective and Ecological Neuroscience Lab to explore brain mechanisms underlying various human emotions.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching Japanese animations​​ & mangas. I also build military models (panzers and battleships). TV series like House M.D. are also my favorite. Besides, I have a part-time job in a studio making subtitles for English/Japanese dramas.  

What's New
[09/2016] Moved to Caltech. 

​​[​02/2015] My paper Oxytocin selectively facilitates learning with social feedback and increases activity and functional connectivity in emotional memory and reward processing regions gets accepted into Human Brain Mapping.

​​[12/2014] 1st semester nearly ended. Gave my first year talk to the whole department. 

​​[09/2014] "Officially" started in Columbia. PhD Grind on.  

[04/2014] Poster accepted by OHBM 2014. Going to Hamburg in June.

​​[03/2014] Accepted Columbia University's offer for graduate study in Social Psychology. 

​[12/2013] I feel honored to be awarded as one of the Outstanding Students in my university, the highest honor for UESTC graduates. (10 out of around 4,500 undergraduates in 10’)

​​[11/2013] Abstract for our paper Oxytocin facilitation of learning with social feedback is associated with altered activity in hippocampus, amygdala has been accepted by the 2013 Annual Conference of Society for Social Neuroscience. See poster here

​[08/2013] I was featured by Mitacs Globalink internship program about my research on computational modeling of cell migration.

[07/2013] Went to University of Manitoba and started to serve as a visiting research assistant here!

[06/2013] Short-term visit to NEMO group @ University of Bonn, Germany.​

[05/2013] I participated in The 2nd Across-strait Symposium for Brain Function and NeuroImaging​​.

[03/2013] Our paper in 2013 Interdisciplinary Contest of Modelling was awarded Honorable Mention. 

last updated: 09/2016​​​